Auto Accident Injuries

A Plus Urgent Care of Hollywood Doctors use several modalities to improve symptoms that result from motor vehicle accidents. These modalities include Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, and various medication when needed.
Although car accidents can cause many different injuries to virtually any part of your body, these are the most common car accident injuries

Face and Head Injuries
– such as a scrape, bruise, laceration.

Neck Injuries
– such as a sprain, strain, whiplash, cervical radiculopathy, disc injury.

Shoulder and Arm Injuries
– such as a laceration, sprain, strain, dislocation, rotator cuff injury.p004_0_01_01

Back Injuries
– such as a sprain, strain, disc injury, thoracic spine injury, lumbar radiculopathy, lumbar spine injury.

Leg, Knee and Foot Injuries
– such as a laceration, bruise, sprain, strain, dislocation, ligament injury, hip injury, knee injury, foot injury.

Psychological Injuries
– such as a post traumatic stress disorder.

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